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ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND  "Shades Of Two Worlds"  (1991)
ARMAGEDDON  "Armageddon"  (1975)
ATOMIC ROOSTER  "Death Walks Behind You"  (1970)
BADGER  "One Live Badger"  (1973)
BAKER GURVITZ ARMY  "The Baker Gurvitz Army"  (1974)
BIGLIETTO PER L'INFERNO  "Biglietto Per L'Inferno"  (1974)
BLACK BONZO  "Sound Of The Apocalypse"  (2007)
BLACK SABBATH  "Black Sabbath"  (1970)
BLACK SABBATH  "Sabotage"  (1975)
BLODWYN PIG  "Getting To This"  (1970)
BLUE OYSTER CULT  "On Your Feet Or On Your Knees"  (1975)
BUDGIE  "In For The Kill!"  (1974)
CATHEDRAL  "Endtyme"  (2001)
COLOSSEUM  "Valentyne Suite"  (1969)
DEEP PURPLE  "In Rock"  (1970)
DIES IRAE  "First"  (1971)
DOC HOLLIDAY  "Doc Holliday Rides Again"  (1982)
ELOY  "Inside"  (1973)
FIREBIRD  "Deluxe"  (2001)
FUZZY DUCK  "Fuzzy Duck"  (1971)
The GHOST  "When You're Dead - One Second"  (1970)
GREENSLADE  "Greenslade"  (1973)
GRINDERSWITCH  "Honest To Goodness"  (1974)
GROUNDHOGS  "Thank Christ For The Bomb"  (1970)
HACKENSACK  "Up The Hardway"  (1974)
HALF MAN  "Red Herring"  (2002)
HAWKWIND  "Levitation"  (1980)
HIGH TIDE  "Sea Shanties"  (1969)
HUMBLE PIE  "Humble Pie"  (1970)
JETHRO TULL  "Stand Up"  (1969)
JETHRO TULL  "Crest Of A Knave"  (1987)
JOURNEY  "Journey"  (1975)
KANSAS  "Kansas"  (1974)
LYNYRD SKYNYRD  "Nuthin' Fancy"  (1975)
LYNYRD SKYNYRD  "Street Survivors"  (1977)
MAY BLITZ  "The 2nd Of May"  (1971)
MERRY GO ROUND  "Merry Go Round"  (2015)
METAMORFOSI  "Inferno"  (1973)
MOLLY HATCHET  "Molly Hatchet" (1978)
MOLLY HATCHET  "Devil's Canyon"  (1996)
PAVLOV'S DOG  "Pampered Menial"  (1975)
Robert PLANT  "Lullaby And... The Ceaseless Roar"  (2014)
POINT BLANK  "Point Blank"  (1976)
Le PORTE NON APERTE  "Golem"  (2013)
ROSE TATTOO  "Rose Tattoo"  (1978)
The SCREAMIN' CHEETAH WHEELIES  "The Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies"  (1993)
SIR LORD BALTIMORE  "Kingdom Come"  (1970)
STANDARTE  "Standarte"  (1995)
STEPPENWOLF  "7"  (1970)
TEMPEST  "Tempest"  (1973)
TEN YEARS AFTER  "Watt"  (1970)
URIAH HEEP  "Very 'eavy, Very 'umble"  (1970)
Bill WARD  "When The Bough Breaks"  (1997)
WARHORSE  "Warhorse"  (1970)
WARPIG  "Warpig"  (1972)
WICKED MINDS  "From The Purple Skies"  (2004)
WISHBONE ASH  "Pilgrimage"  (1971)

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